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How to test YouTube speed?


Do you want to know, how do you YouTube speed test?

How quickly you can download YouTube video varies depending on your Internet access speed. Recordings may constantly stop to filter at low rates. You can adjust the video resolution to view without interruption if you are aware of your slow connection. Therefore, if your connectivity seems to be moving more slowly than usual, examine your broadcasting speeds or YouTube speed history.


We will cover in this article the different methods of YouTube Speed tests that will be most beneficial for your work and fulfill your requirements.


Table of Content:

  •  How do I check my YouTube speed?
  • What is a good Wi-Fi speed for YouTube?
  • How Much Internet Speed Do You Need for YouTube?
  • Internet speed for live streaming YouTube.
  • Why YouTube so slow but internet is is fast?
  •  Speed test to YouTube.
  • Final words.
  •  FAQs.

How do I check my YouTube speed?

You will now learn how do I check my YouTube speed? After we previously offered a quick technique for loading YouTube videos more quickly. Do you understand that the YouTube videos you watch are playing slowly? And that you are blaming your Internet service provider. Then maybe you should certainly check the YouTube Video Speed Timeline.


They gathered this information from Google video servers. All ISP and location-specific speed estimates are averaged based on various network access options. Using this app, you may assess how quickly you are compared to these other individuals in your area.


What is a good Wi-Fi speed for YouTube?

You will require high-speed broadband if you are a YouTube, based on the length and pace of your videos, YouTube may demand high data speeds. Obtaining a fast, dependable internet connection is essential because publishing on YouTube slows down the internet.


Good Wi-Fi speed for YouTube uploading:

Still, the question is what is a good Wi-Fi speed for YouTube?

Internet access is required to upload to YouTube.

Ø They offer quick upload rates. Most internet connections are asynchronous, which implies that their upload and download speeds differ significantly. This is beneficial for activities like streaming, but if you’re posting a lot of info, you also need a quicker upload speed.

Ø Be dependable. Your downloads can pause midway if your internet access is unreliable. You can encounter file corruption and end up having to upload files repeatedly. It would be best to frequently restart the uploading from scratch when a YouTube upload connection cutoff happens.


How Much Internet Speed Do You Need for YouTube?

Although data speeds are less than 1 Mbps, YouTube may be seen on sluggish broadband internet. However, quicker, more dependable connectivity is necessary for higher HD video.

According to the HD video, more fabulous resolution material like 4K or 1080p needs anywhere from 2.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps to download.


Internet speed for live streaming YouTube

It is indeed time to use live footage for your organization. Tech Jury reports that “the web live streaming market has risen 99% between April 2019 and April 2020”, and Cisco predicts that “82% of personal devices will be devoted to streaming video by 2022.” But before that, why is YouTube so slow but internet is fast? and why should it exist? You should need to know all that.


List of YouTube Terms for Internet Streaming:

What is the minimum upload Internet speed for live streaming YouTube?  Your main query is most likely that. However, let’s understand basic web jargon while we see the list of the specifics of internet speed.



The quantity of data that can be transferred over a particular period via an internet service is known as its bandwidth. The bandwidth of a 5GHz router is 1300 Mbps (megabits per second). A 4K video cannot be played on your streaming if your bandwidth is low because it consumes a lot. Unfortunately, you cannot expect to stream in full HD if your internet bandwidth is slow.


Download speed:

The uploading speeds make up the total internet speed. However, many megabits of data are transferred from such a source to your computer per second, referred to as download speed. The faster your connection, the more likely you will obtain music, documents, or clips.


Upload speed:

The number of megabits per second (Mbps) needed to transport content from your computer to a database is known as the upload speed, on the other hand. Transferring a file, song, or video takes less time to a particular website like Cloud Storage and has a quicker upload speed.



The place where such bits are transported from one place to another is known as the bitrates. Because it indicates the quality of audio or video files, it is also essential for video streaming. Compared to 360p, a 4K resolution offers a crisper picture. Returning to our doughnut example, bitrates refers to the rate at which a doughnut can be consumed per second.

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Why is YouTube so slow but internet is fast?

Throughout the internet, including YouTube, streaming is a prevalent issue. Most of the time, the situation may be resolved by establishing reliable internet connectivity, but addressing the problem might be challenging when this is not possible. This is due to the difficulty of identifying the problem. Finding solutions might be challenging when the problem cannot be accurately determined. As a result, i will cover all the reasonable explanations for the question, how much internet speed do you need for YouTube?

Our service increases in foreign hours of material each day, so problems are inevitable. Thankfully, most of these have simple fixes. Therefore, if you’re among several users who keep asking why YouTube is so slow but internet is fast and searching for a solution, continue reading.


·        Check Stats for Nerds.

·        Internet speed testing.

·        Change the quality of your video.

·        Switch off your router.

·        Remove Cache.

·        Close any unnecessary applications and tabs.

·        Modify the URL.


Speed test to YouTube.

I recently discovered a speed test on YouTube. Ones linked to the company are recorded by YouTube and Google whenever you stream movies while logged in. Visit this link to YouTube speed test. Anyone can view a speed test to YouTube clip near the bottom of that website to see how fast you are. Start the demo reel. The advice to “check beside” Broadcast HTTP is false, given that “Broadcast HTTP” was nowhere to be seen on the website. This is how you go about it:

·        Visit the speed test page for YouTube.

·        You can double-check your figures as much as you want.

·        The test film can be viewed by selecting the “Display Testing YouTube clip” icon.

·        During playback, right-click the playing clip and choose “Display video information.”

·        Find your kbps by examining the statistics using “Tag Stream Player, HTTP” (1000 kbps = 1 Mbps).

·        Adjust the quality of the video by clicking the tiny navigation pane in the video if it shows “0 kbps” (to anything). By altering the HD videos, you can enable it to reload its equations if it’s indicating 0 kbps while the movie is running and get the actual kbps to appear.

·        You can adjust the video quality, whichever you wish; I prefer to check at the maximum setting.


Final words:

The YouTube Test Speed Statistics tab keeps bandwidth records by Internet address and account. Your data might not transfer if your IP address changes, which might happen whenever you browse from a different place or after a modem reset. The page will only provide generalized values without personal information if you log into a Gmail account without checking your background or logging out of your funds.

In this article, we discussed about how to test YouTube speed. The number of variables and quantities that can impact internet speed is enormous. Generally, a minimum rate of 4–10 Mbps is advised, but for FULL HD streaming, strive to target greater. Live streaming is fantastic because it allows for constant experimentation and evaluation.




What would Mbps work well for YouTube?

Criteria for movies and television recommended sustained speed for video resolution.

·        5 Mbps HD 1080p.

·        2.5 Mbps for HD 720p.

·        Mbps for SD 480p.

·        0.7 Mbps for SD 360p.


How fast should my internet be?

At least 100 Mbps for downloading and 10 Mbps for upload is considered decent speeds. When your internet speed is 100 Mbps, you can stream Netflix or YouTube, participate in Zoom meetings, and play most online games on multiple platforms. Many individuals can get by with less internet speed, while others require more.


Why is my internet so slow when a speed test shows it to be quick?

Your internet speed will only be as fast as the quickest link between your computer and the website you’re attempting to access. Therefore, your ISP generally has little effect on how you use the internet. Consider your internet speed the same way you would a speed restriction sign.


Could Speed test be off?

But many experts have discovered that speed tests are frequently wrong. The fantastic tool claims that these errors are typically brought on by an oversight, such as a lack of basic amenities on routers or a full browsing cache.







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