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There are many different programming languages available worldwide, but the top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022 that are now in demand are listed in this article. All these ten programming languages have successful futures ahead.


Apart from individual tastes and interests, most individuals wish to learn how to code. Your business must involve programming and the expertise of the top programming languages, whether you’re developing software or looking to offer a tech solution. 


Every internet service we use now is a result of programming languages. The amount of programming information available has dramatically increased over the past few decades, and the number of programmers has also increased significantly and this rising tendency will continue.


Additionally, being aware of the top programming languages’ features might help you select the one that best suits your development objectives. SO, LET’S START!



  • JAVA
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C++



Following are the top 10 programming languages in wide use today, so learning any of these dramatically benefits you.

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1.      PYTHON

Python is the most popular high-level, multifunctional programming language that values readability. It is a versatile server-side programming language that can be employed for everything from straightforward automation and scripts to sophisticated web applications and artificial intelligence.


It is widely utilized in artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, scientific and mathematical applications, desktop graphical user interfaces, and business software.



  • It is an open source
  • Python support for OOP as well as functional and structured programming techniques.
  • Large applications can be created using it as a scripting language or compiling it to byte code.
  • It is simpler to read and understand because of its straightforward grammar, which mimics natural English.
  • Dynamic data types provide active type checking and are incredibly high-level.
  • Supports the use of automatic trash collection.
  • Integrating with Java, C, C++, COM, ActiveX, and CORBA is simple.



JavaScript is the most used programming language, so learning it is highly advantageous. JavaScript has no rivals in building a front end for a website, application, or software.


Most features and programs that make the Internet crucial to modern life are written in JavaScript. Unlike an external device, the user’s browser is where JavaScript runs.



Game development, desktop app creation, and web/mobile app development all use JavaScript.



  • A dynamically typed language is JavaScript. It indicates that the variables can be explicitly declared before using the JS interpreter.
  • JavaScript is functional programming-compatible.
  • As Java Script has a window object, object-centered languages also have built-in object features.
  • Form validation, often known as validation of user input, enables users to interact with clients by filling out forms on web pages.
  • Because JavaScript is interpreter-centered, the user can obtain the output without using a compiler.
  • It is capable of carrying out In-Built Functions.


3.      JAVA

Java is one of the most popular coding languages. The ideas of objects and classes are central to Java, a flexible backend/server-side programming language. Its flexibility enables programmers to create code that works on any system, regardless of architecture or platform, thanks to its design. More than 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobile phones globally, according to the Java home page, run Java.



Java is mainly used for creating websites, games, intelligent gadgets, GUIs, and Android apps.



  • Simple and Recognizable
  • Collection and Interpretation
  • Object-Oriented
  • Robust and Secure
  • Distributed
  • Interactivity and multi-threading
  • Superior Performance
  • Adaptable and Dynamic


4.      C#

Because it is strong, adaptable, and well-supported, C# has quickly risen to the top of the list of programming languages. It is currently the fourth most used programming language, with 31% of developers frequently using it. Learning C# could be simpler than learning more modern and less documented languages.



Applications and programs can be developed in C# for various platforms, including mobile apps, desktop apps, cloud-based services, websites, enterprise software, and games.



  • Properties and indexers are two characteristics found in C#.
  • It is object-oriented in C#.
  • Language interoperability is supported by C# because it is a.NET language.
  • Any number of classes may be included in the C# portable executable file.
  • Structures, operator overloading, and pre-processor directives are supported in C#.
  • We can quickly access COM components and call Windows API functions through C#.
  • Scalable and updateable is C#
  • Structured programming language is what it is.

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5.       GOLANG(GO)

Golang is the language of the future for web programming; that’s why it is one of the popular coding languages. It enables you to perform any task that other languages perform individually. It is a Google-created language that has recently become very popular, particularly among web developers. 


It is an open-source programming language used to create straightforward and dependable applications while striking a balance between developer experience, performance, and control. Golang excels at handling several incoming data streams from concurrent users, regular tweeting, and watching logs.



Go is a general-purpose language that can be used for almost anything aside from GUIs and those applications with many performance requirements.



  • It is an Open-Source.
  • Support stale typing
  • Support for concurrency
  • Robust Tool and Standard Library Set.
  • Capability testing.
  • Utilization ease
  • Opportunities for Cross-Platform Development.




The most widely used technology today is data science, and in the field of data science, R is the best coding language to learn. Learning R will be highly beneficial and give you the capabilities you need to handle enormous amounts of data. 


R is the primary language used in this discipline because statistics make up most of it. R presents the data’s interpretation in a graphical format, making it simple to comprehend. R also offers a variety of alternatives for sophisticated data analysis techniques, including machine learning and algorithms.



Projects involving data science, statistical computing, and machine learning



  • carries out intricate statistical calculations.
  • A sophisticated programming language is R.
  • R is free software that is available to everyone because it is open-source.
  • The R language is not compiled but rather interpreted.
  • R can be combined with a variety of technologies.
  • Static graphics in R provide high-caliber data visualizations.


7.       SWIFT

I don’t need to tell you how well-known Apple Inc is since SWIFT is a powerful programming language developed by them and one of the most popular coding languages. Compared to other programming languages, Swift is easier to learn and can be used with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix. 


The Swift community is still expanding, and the language is continually changing. Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app that makes learning Swift code simple for those new to it. Swift programmers have highly sought after. According to Apple, about two million new employments have been created in the US.



Swift is mainly used for developing native iOS and macOS apps.



  • built-in robust error handling.
  • Multiple return values and tuples.
  • Iteration across a range or collection that is quick and concise.
  • Counting references automatically (ARC)
  • patterns for functional programming.
  • Combined closures and function pointers.
  • Structures for supporting protocols, extensions, and procedures.


8.       PHP

Since you know that old is gold, this language is more than 25 years old but still one of the most in-demand programming languages. One of the main benefits of PHP is that it is an open-source, server-side, object-oriented scripting language. 


Huge quantities of traffic can be handled by PHP without any issues. New PHP updates and fixes appear every year. The yearly upgrades strengthen the community and extend the life of PHP. So it’s a good idea to learn PHP.



They are making applications for the web, content management systems, and eCommerce.



  • PHP supports aspects of object-oriented programming.
  • Because it can easily be merged with HTML, XML, Javascript, and many other languages, PHP is renowned for its adaptability and embedded nature.
  • A quick and effective performance:
  • loosely typed words
  • Simple, well-known, and convenient
  • PHP frameworks are all free to download.
  • PHP Exceptions and error reporting


9.      C++

One of the common languages used in backend development is C++. It is a swift and compelling language. If you’re a programmer who wants to have a thorough understanding of how computers operate, learning C++ is a terrific idea. 


Many tools and frameworks rely on the speed and effectiveness of C++. Because of its dependability, energy, and efficiency, it is in great demand now and will continue to be in high order in the future. C++ can be a starting point for understanding and learning more advanced programming languages.



The development of video games, advanced computations, and graphics compilers utilize C++.



  • C++ supports both low-level (machine-level) and high-level language features.
  • enables Extensibility and Integration
  • To be compiled, C++ was created.
  • Allocating Memory Dynamically
  • C++ is easy to use and object-oriented.
  • Its library is rich.
  • It is Quick & Powerful.


10.   MATLAB

The MathWorks company owns the proprietary programming language MATLAB. Compared to the other programming languages, MATLAB is typically simpler to learn. MATLAB excels in auto-code creation, signal processing, and control engineering. 


MATLAB’s goal is to be the most user-friendly language available. This is fantastic for people who wish to work in various disciplines, such as computational finance, signal processing, and communications.



Robotics, image processing, communications, control systems, and signal processing are all typical applications for MATLAB.



  • has Object-oriented programming support
  • Multiple languages can interact with MATLAB.
  • Has graphics built in to improve user experience?
  • a vast collection of mathematical operations
  • Favorable with Application Program Interface



What is the most used programming language

JavaScript is the most used programming language


How many languages are there in the world in 2022

Around 7139 different languages are spoken worldwide (as per Ethnologue) and there are 700 programming languages in the world in 2022.


What programming language should I learn?

You can learn any of the above ten programming languages as they all have successful futures.



The conclusion of the Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022 is that many programming languages are now available worldwide and the top 10 are Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, GO, PHP, R, Swift, C++, and MATLAB. All of these have bright futures ahead.


You can learn any of these programming languages depending upon their features and usage and, most importantly, in which you are interested. Every type of learning requires interest to grow in that specific field. BEST OF LUCK!!


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