Best Electric Family Cars

Best Electric Family Cars

As the world embraces sustainable mobility, electric cars (EVs) have grown in favor of families looking for a more environmentally friendly and efficient method of transportation. Electric family cars provide various benefits, such as cheaper operating costs, lesser environmental effects, and better safety measures. 

However, in this article, we’ll look at the best electric family cars on the market right now, focusing on essential qualities like spaciousness, safety, range, and overall family-friendliness. There is an electric family car to meet your needs, whether you need a dependable daily commuter or a large road trip companion.

List Of 5 Best Electric Family Cars

Based on factors including range, usability, driving dynamics, and value for money, these are our 5 best electric family cars.  

Some EVs continue to be very expensive as compared to combustion-engined vehicles, although lower operating expenses can mitigate these premiums.

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Kia EV6
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 hatchback review
  • MG 4
  • BMW i4


1. Tesla Model 3

Among best electric family cars the Tesla Model 3 has a lot going for it, including fast acceleration, a long-range, and a lot of cool tech features. Also, Tesla’s Supercharger network of public chargers is a selling point in and of itself. The Model 3 is pretty roomy because it has a flat floor. 

Best Electric Family Cars

Also, It may be a little pricey, but you’ll be able to drive the family around in style. It takes some getting used to that almost every function is on the central infotainment screen and that there is no instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel.

However, the Model 3 has so many driver-assistance and entertainment features (the screen can be used as a games console and TV when the car is parked) that the fact that it is different is almost a given.

2. Kia EV6

The new Kia EV6 is hard to beat if you want an  best electric family car that looks great and can do a lot. This car looks great and is fun to drive. It is also full of technology. It might not have the biggest trunk, but there will be plenty of room for your legs in the back. 

Best Electric Family Cars

However, the EV6 also has a stylishly designed cabin that puts the driver in the middle of the action. This excellent EV gives the idea that it was made for family life as much as it was made for a fun driving experience. A great all-rounder.

3. Hyundai Ioniq 5 hatchback review

One of our best electric family cars is the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which is also a great option for families. The Ioniq 5 is sure to stand out in any school or grocery store parking lot because it looks like it came straight out of a video game from the 1980s. 

Best Electric Family Cars

Even though it’s a family hatchback, the Hyundai is bigger than a normal Volkswagen Golf and has a 527-liter trunk, which is big enough for most strollers or a few suitcases. Although, the Ioniq 5 comes with two different battery sizes. Most families should be fine with the smaller 55kWh unit, which has a range of about 240 miles and can be charged very quickly. 

Even though the most powerful Ioniq 5s have more than 300bhp, the car is mostly designed for comfort. However, even the base model can be a lot of fun on a winding road.

4. MG 4

Best Electric Family Cars

One of the most cost-effective best family electric car now on the market? It is entirely possible. The MG 4 hatchback competes with vehicles such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Cupra Born, in addition to the Megane E-Tech; yet, it manages to outdrive all of these competitors while also undercutting them in price. 

Moreover, the inside is roomy, with fully functional back seats and a large trunk, and the company boasts that the Long Range model can travel up to 281 miles on a single charge.

5. BMW i4

The BMW brand is extremely well-known and is known for producing automobiles that are both sleek and beautiful. The BMW i4 follows suit, providing a roomy and cozy cabin at the same time. 

However, It is reasonable to anticipate that a single charge will allow this luxury mid-size automobile to travel a distance of 300 miles. This performance is made possible by a battery, a capacity of 80 kWh, and the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just five seconds. 

The i4 maintains BMW’s trademark kidney grille, which has a functional purpose in that it is an aerodynamic element. Also, that directs airflow to the brakes and battery. Additionally, the i4 comes equipped with a high-speed DC fast-charging system that can extend the vehicle’s range by 90 miles in just ten minutes. 

Additionally, BMW has placed a greater emphasis on the environmentally friendly qualities of the i4, such as the use of recycled materials in the production process. Which includes the usage of floor mats made from fishing nets.

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Choosing The Best Electric Family Cars 

Consider Range and Charging Options: Consider the range of the electric car to fulfill your family’s everyday commuting and travel demands. Look for devices with a long enough battery life to avoid recurring charges. In addition, enable easy access to charging stations and investigate fast charging capabilities.

1. Consider Size and Seating Capacity

Consider the electric family car’s size and seating capacity. Choose interiors with plenty of legroom to comfortably accommodate your entire family.

2. Prioritise Safety Features

Make sure the electric car has advanced driver-assistance systems and has passed rigorous crash tests. Prioritizing safety features improves your family’s safety on the road.

3. Investigate Brand Reputation and Reliability

Look into the reputation and dependability of various electric car brands. To measure their experiences, read reviews and seek tips from other families that drive electric vehicles.

4. Costs and Incentives

Compare pricing and incentives for electric family automobiles, taking into account the total cost of ownership. Include everything like maintenance and insurance expenditures. Investigate possible tax credits or refunds that could assist offset the initial outlay.

5. Consult Online Resources and specialists

Consult online resources and automobile specialists for complete comparisons and rankings of the best electric family cars. Their perspectives can provide useful information to help you make decisions.

However, by following these steps, you may find the ideal electric family car for your needs, providing a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly driving experience for your family.

Why should you buy an electric family car?

Because as manufacturers electrify, there are more family electric car options than ever before. Developing EVs as family cars have meant that many can be as spacious inside as cars with combustion engines. Additionally, Electric vehicles typically have a flat floor, which provides greater space for passengers as well as additional storage options.


In conclusion, To choose the best electric family car , you should think about the car’s range, size, features, brand,  costs, and what experts say. Also, by thinking about these things, you can make a choice that meets the needs of your family. Choose well if you want to drive in comfort and in a way that is good for the environment.

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