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How To Buy Tesla Stock on Etoro

Investing in the stock market has grown in popularity, and one business that has piqued the interest of many investors is Tesla Inc. Tesla has revolutionized the electric vehicle market with its ground-breaking technology and visionary leadership. If you want to buy Tesla stock, eToro, a major social trading platform, has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of options for investors. This How To Buy Tesla Stock on Etoro article will offer you detailed instructions on to buy Tesla stock, ensuring that you have the essential knowledge and tools to effectively navigate the process.

 Buy Tesla Stock

Understanding eToro

Before diving into the mechanics of Buy Tesla Stock on eToro, it is critical to first understand the site. eToro is a recognized online brokerage that allows investors to trade a variety of financial products such as equities, cryptocurrencies, and more. It distinguishes out for its simple user interface and social trading capabilities, which allow users to engage with and learn from other traders. With millions of users worldwide, eToro provides a stable and secure environment for investing.

Steps of How To Buy Tesla Stock on eToro

Tesla is a corporation established in the United States that produces fully electric vehicles as well as a variety of renewable energy solutions. Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard created Tesla in 2003, but the two founders departed the firm in 2008. Nowadays, the company is most closely linked with its very popular CEO Elon Musk, who joined after heading the company’s Series A investment round in 2004. Tesla’s most well-known products are its all-electric automobiles, such as the Model X, Model S, and Model 3. However, the company also provides clean energy generation and storage solutions, such as the Powerpack and Powerwall rechargeable energy storage products. SolarCity, a Tesla company, manufactures and installs solar panels and solar roof tiles.

Let’s begin by purchasing some Tesla stock on the eToro platform. 

Step 1 – Open a Trading Account

Users can go to their selected broker’s website and begin the registration procedure. However, with just an email address, you can sign up for eToro in a matter of minutes using the app or desktop website.

Step 2 – Upload ID

Instantly verify your freshly created eToro account by uploading a copy of your ID. Choose between a passport, a state ID, and a driver’s license. Please keep in mind that other platforms may have different requirements/waiting times.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

eToro users can deposit as low as $10 using a variety of payment methods including e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and ACH.

Step 4 – Purchase Tesla Stock

Users can begin the open order procedure by searching for Tesla stock in the platform’s search box. Furthermore, enter your desired investment amount and confirm the transaction.

eToro – Overall the Best Broker to Buy Tesla Stock 2023

eToro is ranked first on our list for acquiring Tesla stock. It offers ease of use and low cost. To begin, the broker has one of the most simple client onboarding processes and a very navigable trading interface.

How To Buy Tesla Stock on Etoro

Although, We also propose signing up with eToro, which is a highly regulated and dependable trading platform. eToro is a multi-asset broker. It allows you to purchase Tesla stock and invest in various financial products. These include commodities, FX, indexes, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, to begin purchasing Tesla shares on eToro, you must first deposit at least $10. However, the minimum trading amount for anyone intending to copy trade on eToro is $200. Also, These can be made using credit/debit cards, bank wire transfers, and eWallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Deposits to eToro are similarly free, however the minimum withdrawal amount is $30, with a $5 processing fee.

eToro is a no-commission broker. If you want to Buy Tesla Stock on the platform, you’ll just have to pay a highly competitive spread. Furthermore, eToro allows you to buy Tesla stock or trade TSLA share CFDs. This is the only other trading fees you may incur are swap/overnight fees for leveraged deals.

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Tesla Historical Price Performance

In June 2010, NASDAQ listed Tesla as a public company. At the time, the public could buy 13.3 million shares for $17 each. Since then, the company’s stock has been split twice. Also, this means that the original TSLA stock has now been split into 15 shares, all the same size. This means that Tesla’s IPO price is now $1.13.

How To Buy Tesla Stock on Etoro

Twelve years later, the price of Tesla has kept going up overall. It first went above $5 in  2013 and then went up by more than 200% in the next 3 months to above $10 in the same year.

In the four years that followed, the price of TESLA stock fluctuated between $10 and $17, and it wasn’t until April 2018 that it broke above $20. Negative net income is one thing that could explain a lot of the lackluster market performance.

In late 2019, Tesla stock started rising. Early 2020 saw it surpass $50 for the first time. The Covid-19 correction caused a drop below $30 in March. However, in February, it soared above $60. The setback was temporary. Within three months, the price rebounded to $60.


Finally, buying Tesla stock on eToro is a simple and easy method to invest in one of the most inventive firms of our time. By following the steps of how to Buy Tesla Stock on etoro, you will be able to use the eToro platform with confidence and make smart investing decisions. 

Due To keep on top of market trends, undertake thorough research, use social trading features, and monitor your investment frequently. As with any investment, consider your risk tolerance and get advice from a financial expert if necessary. eToro has a simple interface and abundant resources. You can start Buy Tesla Stock. You may profit from the company’s growth in the electric vehicle sector.

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