Ventilator Machine And Its Uses

A ventilator is a machine that is used in hospitals. It means it is the medical technology that doctors use to diagnose breathing problems. Those patients who are suffering from breathing problems, for them healthcare makes use of ventilators. With the help of a ventilator, they can vent breathable air into and out of the lungs. Ventilators are computerized microprocessor-controlled devices, but there is another type of ventilator that is hand operated bag valve mask that patients can easily use. The ventilator was invented in 1800 and with time it is upgraded in various versions.

As mentioned above a ventilator is used to manage your breath problem. You should also have a little knowledge about their types. There are various kinds of ventilators.


A face mask ventilator is a painless device that controls a patient’s oxygen level and breathing. A patient has to fix it on the mouth and nose so that it can help the patient in the process of breathing. bi-level positive airway pressure ( BiPAP) and Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) are equipment that is used through a face mask

Mechanical Ventilator:

It is the machine that doctors use for people that are unable to breathe themselves. Mechanical ventilators function through a pipe in the throat of a person to pump air into the lungs and carry out carbon dioxide. It manages the humidity, volume, pressure, and temperature of the air, that was set by doctors to control these activities. A mechanical ventilator also permits health care to control a patient’s breathing and oxygen level. It can also be practiced for transitory treatment.

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Ventilator With Tracheostomy:

Tracheostomy is a process that allows a person to breathe without using the nose and mouth. It is the method where health care workers make an opening in the windpipe and add a pipe that helps a person to breathe without using the mouth and nose. A person may need tracheostomies if he or she requires mechanical ventilation for a larger period and demands more time for rehabilitation.

Manual Resuscitator Bags:

Manual resuscitator bags are part of a device that helps people to control the airflow of a ventilator by using their hands without taking the help of others. These tools are made up of empty bags that a person uses to squeeze pumping air into the lungs. This device is helpful for the transitory solution for a specific time.

Ventilator Machine and its uses

Ventilators At Home:

The ventilator machine is not used only in hospitals but also suggests patients use it at home after discharging the patient. If a patient needs it regularly then they use a ventilator at home at the suggestion of doctors. There are mainly four types of home ventilators.

Trilogy Home Ventilator:

Trilogy home ventilators utilize Philips Respironics-patented CPAP and BIPAP ventilation to give the most convenient and appropriate air volume and pressure regarding your requirement. This type of equipment contains some risks so before using it you must consult with your doctors. This is the latest technology than LTVs.

VC Home Ventilators:

Vc is an advanced home ventilator that contains so many features. It not only helps you with ventilation but also provides you with cough assist. It is mainly beneficial for the ALS community.

Astral Home Ventilator:

It has the latest technology that provides you with many features like a trilogy home ventilator machine. It is a portable design and lightweight with long battery life.

LTV Home Ventilator:

It is the first invented home ventilator with sophisticated respiratory technology. It is made up the size of a laptop with a basic feature that works very well for beginning ventilation needs. It is a trusted device by doctors, respiratory therapists, and healthcare experts.

When to use a ventilator:

Before using a ventilator you should know some points that is related to Ventilator. such as:

What Is A Ventilator:

As mentioned above a ventilator is a machine that helps you maintain breath problems and oxygen levels.

How Does A Ventilator Function:

A ventilator machine is used to carry oxygen into your lungs and carry out carbon dioxide from your lungs. It is the machine that supports life but it is not used for disease treatment.

Why A Person Needs Ventilator:

There are several conditions when a person needs a ventilator like brain injuries, COPD, and Stroke.

When Does Sedation Use:

It is used for a patient that needs a ventilator for a short time. It is another thing that there are so many arguments on sedation. The requirements of sedation need according to the patient’s health.

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Is Eating Good While Using A Ventilator:

The doctors use breathing tubes to provide food to the patients that are on long-term ventilation by inserting a feeding pipe into the mouth or nose or via a hole created in the stomach.

What Are The Risks While Using A Ventilator:

Because bacteria that is entering through a feeding tube may cause pneumonia. It can also cause problems with coughing and can also cause infection.

A Ventilator Prohibited Movement:

A ventilator limits the movement of a person and restricts some of your activities but you may sit in a chair or lay on a bed. You may say your life is a little bound because of the ventilator.

Is A Ventilator Painless Or Painful:

A ventilator is a painless machine while ventilation you won’t feel any pain.

Process of ventilator weaning:

Weaning is the procedure of taking off the ventilator, so you may breathe yourself.

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