Medical Technology | 9 Important Devices

The medical technology of the world is developing every day making the life of every person easy and comfortable and it is playing an important role in different medical fields. Everyday improvement in health care devices and software is also providing so many advantages to the doctors and the patients. There are so many devices that are granting many facilities to their users but here we will use nine of the most important medical tools.

Telemedicine, A Medical technology:

It is the HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tool, which is the type of technology like a laptop, mobile, video, call, message, etc that helps doctors and patients to communicate with each other from a distance or when they are not present physically.

ECG Device:

Electrocardiogram device is an ordinary pain-less device (medical technology) that is used to diagnose heart issues and also scan heart stability. It records the electrical sign in the heart which helps find the exact problem of the heart so that an accurate treatment can be given to the patient.

Remote Patient Monitoring:

The outstanding technology helps patients to examine, report, and scan their health conditions outside the clinic or in the clinic. It assists patients to take daily reports of their problems within minutes and without the doctor’s presence. Various remote patient monitoring devices facilitate doctors and patients such as:

Electronic Health Record:

An electronic health record (EHR) is a device that collects data of patients and saves it correctly so that it can be used in the future. It is a paramount part of IT and can do many things.

  • It collects all the data history of patients like diagnoses, treatment plans, medicines, immunization, radiology image, allergies, and consequences of your tests.
  • Permit entry to the evidence-based instrument that the supplier can utilize to make decisions about patients care.
  • Streamline and automate supplier workflow.

Computerized Provider Order Entry:

It is a device that allows you to enter and send treatment data like a laboratory, and radiology orders through a computer or mobile applications instead of paper, fax, or telephone. CPOE has several perks such as:

  • Lessen errors and enhance Patient security.
  • Advance reimbursements:
  • Enhance capability.
  • Computerized provider order entry is secure and more capable for patients and suppliers.

Anesthesia machine:

An anesthesia machine is a healthcare tool that receives medical gas like Nitrous oxide, Oxygen, and air to mix and control the flow of gases. It is a machine that uses for painkillers and is used during surgery. It makes surgery painless for a patient so that he doesn’t feel the pain during the process of surgery. Before the painkiller had to bear a lot of pain during surgery that was very harmful to the patient after emerging this device makes relief for the patients.

Defibrillators Machine:

Defibrillators the is device that is used to normalize the heartbeat. If you are having arrhythmia means abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat then the doctor uses this machine to control your heartbeat. Using its electric current doctors make your heartbeat normal. This device can be helped with: 

Ventricular Fibrillation: heart muscle shivering which can be caused by cardiac arrest.

Ventricular tachycardia: rapid heartbeat without a pulse.

RA or rheumatoid

CT scan and MRI:

MRI and CT scans both are utilized to take pictures within your body. There is a little difference between them, CT (computed tomography) scans by using X-rays and MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging) capture images by exercising radio waves. Doctors use each of them according to the situation.

MRI is used for seeing objects inside of your body by practicing radio waves and magnetic. They are commonly used to diagnose issues of:

  • Heart.
  • Brain.
  • Ankles
  • Joints
  • Breast.  
  • Blood vessels.
  • Joints.
  • Wrist.

CT scan is a form of x-ray machine that uses x-rays to take an image within your body. It is mainly used for:

  • Bone features.
  • Tumors.
  • Cancer monitoring.
  • Finding internal bleeding.

Referral trackers:

A referral tracking method is a medical software that scans a patient’sc references. It also gives a strong communication platform between two healthcare institutions. It provides healthcare references of practical issues that helps doctors to understand any problem easily.

  • Healthcare can utilize it to know the particular time of patients and the result of the appointment.
  • It arranges the requirements to fix referral letters.
  • It allows healthcare to communicate with professionals and choose if a patient’s visit is important and beneficial to the patient.

Utilizing these kinds of tools can remove so many failure operations belonging to a patient’s referral.