What is NEBULIZER? What does NEBULIZER mean

what is nebulizer for? A nebulizer is a medical technology device that is used by a person who is suffering from asthma or another respiratory disorder. It heals infections in the lungs quickly. A liquid medication turns into a mist by a nebulizer that breathes in through a mouth pipe or face mask to take medication. This method allows the medicine to enter the respiratory system and lungs where the drug is required. this is what nebulizer for.

How Can You Operate a Nebulizer:

It is good to consult with your doctor before operating a nebulizer. They will guide you completely about nebulizers, their functions, and in which situations you should use them. You should always take your medicine according to your doctor’s suggestion or advice because the doctor’s guidance is very important before taking any medication. Let’s discuss how to use Nebulizer:

  1. Before using it clean all the parts of the nebulizer.
  2. Add your liquid medicine into your medication cap.
  3. Join the plastic pipe to the canister and compressor.
  4. Link the mask or mouthpiece. 
  5. Switch on the nebulizer and take notice that it is properly misting.
  6. Put the mouth pipe in your mouth or apply the mask carefully over your mouth and nose.
  7. Inhale slowly and normally, until all the medicine is finished.

Kinds Of Nebulizer:

There are three central kinds of nebulizers.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer:

It is the latest innovation. It is designed handheld. It proffers a coherent size of particles and is very silent. It utilizes ultrasonic vibrations that enter through the liquid to produce mist.

Jet Nebulizer:

It is a device that also converts liquid medication into the fog that your kid effortlessly inhales through a face mask or mouthpiece. Medication is sent directly to the lungs where required.

Mesh Nebulizer:

It is the modern technology that uses a mesh cap with little holes to assist to distribute the medicine into particles that can be inhaled comfortably.


There are also so many other wearable technology devices that are very helpful for humans.

Medications of Nebulizer:

Many drugs are used by these modern devices that are useful to control COPD.

  • Bronchodilators
  • Corticosteroids
  • Antibiotics
  • Anticholinergics
  • Mucolytic-agents


Some kind of motor is used by nebulizers to transform the liquid into smog by dividing them into smaller particles and inhaled easily.

How To Maintain Nebulizer:

machine is not cleaned properly, germs and bacteria can be originated inside it

  • Clean it with hot soapy water after every use.
  • It should be cleaned from germs.
  • It should be dried.

If it is not possible to clean it correctly then you should change it regularly. But a doctor can guide you correctly when to and how often you should change it.

Daily cleaning:

  • After removing the mask or mouth pipe clean the medicine canister.
  • These parts should be washed with hot water and soap.
  • Get rid of extra water.
  • Now air-dry the pieces on a clean dish towel.

Who needs to use Nebulizer?

what is the nebulizer used for? Nebulizers are asthma medicines that are particularly good for small kids or infants. They are also a better alternative to asthma inhalers or if you are taking a heavy dose of medications. It is the treatment of breathing. You can use various medications while using a nebulizer.

What is nebulizer for and its advantages and disadvantages of Nebulizer:

Now let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of nebulizer.


  • They use more easily than inhalers.
  • During a COPD attack, they are more useful than inhalers.
  • They are helpful to take large amounts of medicines.

Disadvantages Of Nebulizer:

  • They take almost 10 to 15 minutes because of their slow breathing process.
  • Inhalers are cheaper than nebulizers.
  • A power source is required.

Differences Between Nebulizers And Inhalers:

Nebulizers and inhalers can be similarly acted on in many conditions, but nebulizers are better than inhalers to some extent. Nebulizers provide a mist of medication continuously that you inhale for up to 10 to 15 minutes. This permits you to inhale normally through your mouth during your cure.

On the other side, small bursts of aerosol medication are produced by inhalers. With them, it is necessary to coordinate your breathing to inhale the medication rapidly and deeply. Allowing medicine to enter inside your mouth and holding your breath is needed. If you’re facing a lot of trouble while breathing, inhalers are not able to deliver medication to your lungs as properly as nebulizers can. Many drugs are used for COPD as well. Like metaproterenol and acetylcysteine, they can be sent by nebulizers but not by inhalers.


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