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Wearable Technology Healthcare | its usage

Wearable technology is the type of electronic device fashioned to be put on the body of operators. Such wearable devices can be created in distinct forms including medical tools, jewelry, elements of clothing, or accessories. The term wearable electronics allude to procedure and communication abilities. But many advanced wearables are presented. Smart wearable technology devices are also called wearables.


Over the last ten years, they have established their positions among users. These tools are becoming popular among the consumer, and due to their flourishing demands, wearable technology is also making its position in the medical field by inventing electronic devices. that can help users to measure breathing rate, blood pressure, sound, temperature, physical movement, a moment of heartbeat, skin, brain, and muscles.


Because of its huge information, the details about stress, cognitive decline, calorie consumption, poor sleep quality, and early signs of infections as well can be examined. you can be warned about modifiable risk causes that can affect your health with the help of wearables. You can also take the help of wearables to detect stress and anxiety levels during working hours, which leads to poor sleep quality and reduces physical fitness.


Let’s discuss some most advanced electronic healthcare wearable technology devices that guide you to understand your health and provide you with enough details about your sickness so that you could look after yourself.


Wearable Technology Smart watch:

In the beginning, smart watches were only an extension of smartphones. Their functions were to receive notifications, mention time, and permit you to operate applications and also answer the calls from your wrist. But at the time they are providing more useful features that are related to your health that also give you guidance about your health. Let’s discuss these features one by one.

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Step Tracker:

The simplest way to enhance your health and boost your bustle level is to walk 10,000 steps per day. Smartwatches have been created with pedometers that count the number of steps for you.


Fitness Applications: 

These fitness applications also play a very important role in understanding the needs and requirements of your health and guide you according to your needs. 


Monitoring Sleep: 

More than a third of people in the USA sleep fewer than 7 hours reported to the center for disease control (CDC). A persistent lack of sleeplessness can leave deeply negative results for the body. Wearing smart watches while sleeping can detect sleep patterns. They can inform you how many hours you were sleeping without interrupting. In this way, you can improve the quality and quantity of sleep


Workout Reminders:

Smartphones also provide this function but a smartwatch performs this technique better than smartphones. Because you engage in some kind of activity therefore you don’t check your mobile and miss the notifications or reminders but the smartwatch gives you this advantage and you don’t miss any reminders by wearing it on your hand. In this way, it helps you to add a workout to your habit.


Listening To Music While The Working out:

While working out, music can motivate you. It can also help you to do a better workout by listening to motivational music. But carrying heavy mobile phones during workouts can lower your workout ability. On the contrary, the smartwatch can make it easier for you to listen to music by using wireless headphones. It is another great benefit of the smartwatch.


Monitoring ECG wearables: 

It is modeled for remote patients and physicians. It is the multifunctional scanning application, cardiac patch, that can send a live stream to parameters to mobile or the cloud. This is a powerful wearable technology device that is rechargeable, reusable, and can easily collect data even during the time of disruption of the network. It is used in multiple studies including coronary artery disease, AF scanning, depression, anxiety, and many more.

 These new wearable instruments have several benefits including light, waterproof construction, and small and having more energy to use for a longer duration of monitoring and transferring wireless data. This advanced wearable technology device can also enhance the quality of patients’ life and the extent of ECG monitoring duration and it can evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and steady.


The Apple Watch Series 4:

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the wearable technology device that scans ECG rates. It can record the signal of ECG for up to 30 seconds when the prodromal signs of arrhythmia are felt by a patient by placing his opposite finger on the crown of the smartwatch. ( Apple Inc, Cupertino, CA, USA).


Zio patch:

Zio patch is a one-use patch type, consistently scanning ECG device that is joined to the left anterior chest of the patient. It can continuously record ECG signals of patients for up to two weeks. This tool was used by more than 400,000 patients at the time. ( iRhythm technology, San, Francisco, CA, United States).


Alivecor kardia Mobile:

Alivecor kardia mobile It is a smartphone gadget that monitors ECG. You can calculate your ECG rate by placing 2nd and third fingers of both hands on the gum-stick-sized device. It can analyze symptoms of arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and was passed by the FDA in 2014 ( Alivecor Inc, Mountain View, CA, United States).


Wearable blood pressure calculating: 

Almost one in four males and one in five females have high blood pressure known as hypertension. It can be a high risk of heart attack and stroke. These are some symbols of high blood pressure like vision changes and headaches. But so many people are unaware of their symptoms due to unawareness they take late treatment. You need to measure your blood pressure daily. The advanced way to calculate blood pressure is to use a hypertension digital blood pressure device like a cuff, sphygmomanometer, and other devices. 


Cuff Monitoring Hypertension Device:

You should purchase that kind of wearable technology device to scan your blood pressure at home. It is an advanced wearable technology device that can be used at home by any person. It takes reading every half hour and stores data for later. It is easier to take a reading of your blood pressure every day without taking help from someone else.


Aktiia Monitoring Blood Pressure:

It is modern wearable technology. you have to wear it on your wrist. It is thinner than a fitness tracker and so comfortable. It is a screen-less device. Aktiia calculates reading around every 90 minutes during the day and overnight. After reading it sends the result to your mobile device.

These wearable technologies facilitate human life and provide them so many benefits. These flourishing wearable technology are performing vital role in the daily life human beings. Because of these devices so many problems have been solved. They have saved money and time of people. Providing healthcare devices to people at home they lessen the risk of critical damage.

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